Thursday, January 1, 2015


young and strong.
but thats him, years ago..

I still remember, there was this one month in November.
for almost 2 weeks I didnt call my father.
Not that I didnt contact him, I did but only through whatsapp.

So one day, I gave this man a call- to ask something.

and it was weird.
my father, he sounds different.
not like the voice that I used to listen to..
so abruptly, I asked him..
"why you sounds so ..old?"

and his reply, it stunned me much..
he said, he has always getting older, it just that, his children didnt realized about it.

and I stopped..
I changed the topic...

My father,
he is always the hero in my story.
Always young and strong.

Not a single day in my life have I see his day going empty.
there is always something.
When he stands,
he acts..
and even when he close his eyes his mind still works.
A thinker.
A solver.
a father.

it is always a better day with him around us.

even the truth is bitter,
it is for us to swallow it..

My father,
he is getting older, day by day..
with a lot of things going by.
few that we knew,
and a lot more that he kept to himself.
and I guess, that is the curse of becoming a man.
to keep everything on his shoulder.
to deal with it and not letting us worry.

My father,
he is old now.
but still strong.
even stronger than before.

and let me tell you this again,
it is always a better day with my dear Baba.