Monday, September 5, 2011

something to think about.

when i'm back, im gonna make the 'world' in love again...

so true, so sad..we are all living in one 'nation', why cant it make us understand that we can make some difference? infact, alot if we do know how to appreciate it? treasure the things..

i dont wanna say this.. but if we are still sticking to the egoism of who's gonna start first, my god..all of us would be nothing. n.o.t.h.i.n.g, there is nothing to be proud of.. [shoot, id said it]..

i love to share this sentence, quoted from one of the motivational's talk [lupa nama speaker] .. " dun try to talk about the 'ukhwah islamiyyah' if even one person besides u, u cant even smile to him/her."..sometimes, most of the times i guess when i am looking back at the sentence.. it was so shameful , i was so ashamed of myself for my bad habit.. [it culd be yours too] .. yeah, remember when we were at the masjid.. we perform the solah.. yet, do u know who is the person that was also performing the solah? do you? or do you just look at them at the end of the solah, when it is the time to leave the masjid, the times when you 'salam' everyone .. or, might be, you dont even have the time to look to even hold the hands..ok, it may be, my only problem... but to tell the truth.. say, one block, one room..
do you really know the person? the people who share the toilets with you.. [dorm].. can you just smile? its not that hard, it wont hurts to just upturn the corners of ur mouth.. or was it? ok, ok, i do understand that you wont smile if the other person isnt smiling[ yeah, too bz] but what if the person really had smiled? and you, you leave him/her just like that.. thats rude..very theee.... [ok ok, again, u didnt realized that smile..=;=] ...i have a story, one experience i would like to share with you guys,, it was when i was at my secondary school, my gud frens, they used to call me as 'gengster', its not bcoz i am latecomer[one of the reason, but not my fault]  the reason why they called me like that bcoz, every morning, when i arrived at the school, i didnt smile to anyone, when they ask me why, id said, i dont know who should id being smiling to[im looking for them] when i should had smiled to everyone, not only to the chosen person[my frens] or those people who are smiling to me....

i dont know bout u guys, but i really want things to change.i dont want later on, the feeling of regret..*is there *regration* word?  haunting me forever. , bcos i wanna live my life to the fullest, 'Face your past without regret. Handle your present with confidence !.[wowo, so in love with this sentence,  may i add.*drive ur future to the fullest*] uit, yeah, tell me, why not the writer start first.. hehe.yes thanks for the reminder, i will try.....
akal pendek ah yg tulis nih, tapi point nk habaq sebenarnyer,, satu senyum boleh selamatkan nyawa.. :) [yg bek kiter amek, yg buruk kiter lmpaq jaoh3,prinsip berguru.]

another quotation i love to share with you it in one of college's bookstore, but i dont hv money to buy it, shoot, i forgot the philosopher's name too "we always argue, when will that person change, but great mind is when we change the perspective towards life.." well maybe that person really did not SEE THE SMILE. yet.. keep trying.. [i know its hard to smile again to someone who just rejected the smile, the feeling of rejection :P]


i think theres one verse from quran mentioning this..
check it out, surah ar-Ra'd : 11..
i dont know if that verse relate to my post or not..tell me.. i dont know..

well people change..[it took times]

yeah, better late than never, but say, never late is million times better :)

senyum, tak perlu kata apa-apa..:) [err, nak kata pun bley gak ]


askar langit said...

late is an abstract word...haha!

Saya Sarah said...

eraz, acikz takz lehz bacaz lahz postz niz...xdez gambarz

Captain Hero said...

askar langit : hua3..dont wanna comment on that . :D
but, its not the focus..=.= :P

kamu sarah: updated, with picturez :D

Saya Sarah said...

senyum, tak perlu kata apa-apa...:-)

Captain Hero said...

senyumm jak.. :D