Thursday, September 8, 2011

wHy sO SeRiOuS??

firstly, This Post isnt about Joker..[why so serious- the tagline for The Movie dark knight i guess..]

tv3 besok malam ade tayangkan lau nak tengok.

ok enuff of that.

i dont understand be frank, i dont understand myself..

i know that even tho we r gud fren, [ not so gud but in terms of sharing problm it was gud.] we can't say sumthin dats make the person sad..too sensitive, everybody got the word called 'feeling' ..........
yeah, bcoz me myself also doesnt like it when people being too much out of the line.[meng'inggeriskan BM]
but yes, how do i consider, how much is the 'too much', everybody have their own opinion..

sometimes i am afraid, very afraid .. even to reply message, i reread the message so many times..just to make sure the message doesnt hurt the person, and it end up , im deleting it and type another message...and the process repeats... stupid of me..

beware..too fragile..mungkin  perlukan sedikit kelainan.

sometimes, when i did not rethink of what im goin to reply, means i replied 'ikut sedap', [i always did that!].., the person hurts much, and i dont know how to coax[is that the right word?] that person back.. in fact, its not my type to do that..

it hurts me too seeing u hurt in whatever reason......and i would be more than happy if u're happy. 

but the problem is, it is always that person , the same person .. maybe i should just be more careful, maybe it was true, the first time impression of my friend.[not me] that we cant be too close..
maybe it wasnt true too.. i dont know..maybe i should just let it go. do like i always do or should i change a lil bit of my attitude..? be a lil more serious...........[xcukup lagi ke ke'serius'an aku selama nih?]

but then,
it wont be fun anymore..

why so serious? 

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