Tuesday, October 30, 2012

teka teki teka tekuk.

masa tu azan maghrib.

Kakak : ale, nak teka teki ni, ... Hai apa yang orang selalu buat tak kisah?
Adik   : em, hairan?
kakak : salah!
Adik   : hi, pekaba
Kakak : salah jugak, yang tu orang biasa balas balik.
Adik   : pastu apa??
Kakak  : jap lagi jawapan keluar.
Adik  : apa mende pulak..
Kakak : tunggu laa..

azan maghrib kat tv...
hayya ala solahh..

Adik : haiiyaaa alla solahh [azan sekali  ikut tv]
Kakak : haaa, tu jawapan dia, hehehe, sekarang nak kisah ke, wat tak kisah? jum semayang..

Adik : hha..

jumpa teka teki ni dekat twitter...tolongla amek iktibar.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


yesterday, i was sure that today is wednesday, it started from a message that i received [yesterday] saying that tomorrow[ today] is thursday. i argue for one moment, and then i look at my clock [yesterday], it said, its wednesday, so, im pretty sure i was wrong about the date, its gonna be thursday today. .. so, for the whole day, until this 7pm, i heard my father asks my sister about will she go to school or not tomorrow, i heard she said, she got one day off.[and im thinking , ofcourse its friday tomorrow,] but i didnt tell my father,, furthermore for some reason, [eidul-adha specifically] my brother also will have one day off, two including this sunday, so today, like always during thursday, he will wash his shoes. so, i continue my thought thinking that today is definitely thursday. then. i read about people saying , do fast tomorrow for tomorrow is arafah day. i thought its today[which i thought already thursday], i know its gonna fall on thursday-but for some reason i cannot participate in it. ok.  So, i was curious, and i look at the calendar, [but of course, i was looking at the wrong date] so i ask my brother, what day is today, he said " dont you remember, im watching supernatural, and supernatural has to be on tuesday, so todays gonna be wednesday" i argue with him a little bit, then i ask my father , he said " its wednesday" so, im thinking, i thought i read the calendar right last night..
I believe my eyes, im pretty sure i saw it written as "wed" yesterday....  but then,
come to think of it,
the message i received was around 1pm, so, 1pm already new day.man,, ive been fooled by my own eyes and thought.. of course. stupid enough.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


kita menulis,
kerana kadang-kadang mulut kita berat untuk mengeluarkan.
padahal katanya.. komunikasi yang paling berkesan bila kita 'bercakap'.
tapi kita tak mampu. maka kita menulis, semoga dia membaca tulisan-tulisan kita..
kadang-kadang tidak harap ada yang membaca,
sekadar menulis untuk hilangkan rasa gelisah di hati.
katanya, simpan lama-lama, jiwa merana, maka menulis sebab tidak mahu meletus kemudian hari.
kita menulis kerana kita tahu, kata nabi kena sampaikan walau sepatah apa yang kita tahu,
kita tak mahu kelak disoal mengapa tidak menyebar, kita mengelak, kita menganggap cukup, sekadar menulis, mungkin ada yang membaca walau seorang maka hukumnya, lepas..
tapi kita tahu juga yang dakwah paling baik melalui komunikasi.. berbicara secara lisan, tapi kita teruskan, sebab apa? sebab kita tak mampu nak bercakap macam mereka, kita tak pandai nak yakinkan mereka dengan kata-kata, kita tergagap-gapap..kita lemah..kita lemah..
kita menulis kerana seakannya hak bersuara kita kian terpenjara..
di'pagari besi' yang makin hari makin membesar,
kita tak yakin diri.
kita serba salah.
kita banyak berfikir yang tidak perlu akhirnya banyak tidak terjadi.
maka kita menulis,
untuk berkongsi rasa.
semoga seisi alam memahami
walau realitinya tutur kata tidak akan pernah sama dengan bait-bait tulisan.
kadang memundur,
kadang meminggir,
yang kita cari persefahaman..
agak mereka mengerti kata yang ingin disampai..

#ini aku, masalah aku. maka..tukar kata ganti diri pertama yang jamak itu pada kata ganti diri pertama yang tunggal. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

helaian terakhir diari hidup seorang student teacher.

im done.
and this is going to be the last part.
i will start by introducing my school.

the school's name is Sekolah kebangsaan seberang takir,
like the name,
it is located at seberang takir,
near the sea.
from the second level of the school's building,
i could see the beauty of the blue sea.
just looking at it while waiting for the van to arrive make me feels very soothing and comfortable, but then i just realized the view, well not from the first few weeks.
and let me tell you,
never once i put my step on the sand of the seberang takir's beach, never.

to make it clear,
i didnt choose the school.
the faculty did.
and wonder if, we did the  search for the school.
i dont think i will choose school from terengganu.
no offense,  just that, it is easier to work from our own state. :)

as i had wrote before,
in the last semester,
we have a subject called micro teaching,
a scary subject,
like the name,
the teaching was a micro only,
kind like a practice before we really need to teach the real kids.
i still remember,
during the workshop,
we do have one final micro teaching,
being observed by different lecturer, not the same as the subject microteaching,
i remember her comment when we finish the 10 minutes -teaching.

"a very perfect class'

i didnt get it.

not until i had my real teaching.

my first week.
i didnt teach.
we had our PBS -
we need to  create report about the school.

i didnt talk much with the kids.
no joke,
no smile

im trying to create some student and teacher boundaries with them.

first day im teaching my class.
it is 5M.
very passive class they said.
and of course,
the girls are all passive.
but the boys.
they are not that passive,
very active id say.
there are not many pupils in the class.
total of 23, but never once i meet all the 23,
most only 15-18 person in the class.

the first observation was from 31A class.
the first class. not that advance,
there are only 2 class for standard 3.
so, intermediate is the word.

and the last observation was from class 5M.

i dont want to write about all the observation.
let just say..
im pretty much mess up.

there's not much to be written about ,
actually..there are a lot.problem is i dont know how to deliver it correctly.
so ..pass..pass.

in this post.
im going to share a little bit about the social interaction between me and the school's staffs-
and me and my block-mates' friends.

so firstly,
when i first enter the teachers' room,[ and this was after the first meeting with the dear headmaster and the 'penolong kanan'- both were awesome!] the teachers' sat in the circle,
we were the newcomers,
so we went there and 'salam' with them,
but what funny was, they were busy talking about 'emas' the gold.
and we really dont know what to interrupt. not our field i guess.
one of the teacher there assist us in finding the place to sit,
and each of us, got the table,
very nice.
and so comfortable,
my table,
it was located very much near the back door,
not many enter the room from the back door,
unless they just came back from toilet or the person's table also at the back.
most of the times,
im free to do anything.

I like the environment,
before when im the student,
i think my teacher are all serious,
very strict,
but when im their colleagues,
i could see, that they are all the same,
very much the same as us...
of course,
strict with the students, but not with us the teachers.
at first, i dont know how to really communicate with them,
but as time goes by,
there were jokes everywhere, most of the times,
they make me laugh real hard.
like, "macam ni rupenye cikgu.." haha...

and of course,
there were hard times too..
looking at..who's at the canteen now.
and..lets not talk about that.HAHA.

overall, there were lots of experienced that ive got when im a teacher trainee there.
one of the funniest is as the conductor for the aerobic.
the teslian,
at the most part.
they really are funny.
we went for the practices..
with the help of Wawa, Ain, And mira.
what funny was.
none of the practices were actually used by us during the real day..because, the teacher want to follow the whole video..aiyaaa.
my minor,
im teaching pendidikan seni visual.
i am not so 'seni' person.
im feel pity towards my students,
im trying my best.
but here a tips for you guys > please please make a model first, an example of what is the final result. they keep asking for that.

ive also have experience working like a robot when im the teacher trainee,
the teacher there,
ask us to stamp the textbooks.
and it were a lot.
not much of the problem.
we really2 like the robot that times.
doing same thing all over again.
i cant imagine how people work in factory actually.
did they enjoy the work?

during my 1 weeks or was it 2 weeks before my practicum end..
one teacher asks us..
to help her with her pop-up.
pop-up is a craft.

and somehow somewhat,
that thing seems so interesting.
but really,
ive no much motivation and not much time..plus, internet connection wasn't good too..
only after i end my practicum i send her the pop-ups.
she said she dont mind.
i dont know.
i hope so.

my relationship with the staffs there.
just a " so-so "
some are good.
some are..
i dont even know their name.
but one things.. all of them are nice. :)

my students.
they are the diamond.
they are the love of my life.
i dont know how to describe it.
some of them really get into my nerves.
the wound already gone...
but, regret is there.
like a scar.
it wont go away just like that..
you would always remember those things that you've done to them.
the things that.. a teacher really shouldnt do.

my relationship with the blockmates-
as always,
saya suka melepak.
jarang sangat ke aras 3.
mungkin sebab tak ramai tesl kat situ.

baik2 sahaja i guess but that with tesl.
saya tak tahu nama budak2 course lain,
balik emmerap dalam bilik je.
kalau jalan pun setakat setengah row then patah balik,sebab dah tak kenal sapa2..
eh.tak baik.tk baik.jgn ikut.
em, saya cuba nak berbaik2 dengan geng UU,
jarang pergi sana..
tapi bila pergi lama jugak.
ada beberapa orang kawan dapat kat situ..

untuk mira- selalu saya pergi anda takde kat bilik.
baru 3 kali pergi sbnrnye.HEHE.

ada seorang tersesat.
xjauh jugak, boleh je pergi tengok2.

yang kawan2 rumah sewa.
pernah pergi sekali je.
tu pun sebab ade member rapat kat sana..

to make story short.
i hate teaching.
i haaaaattttttttttttttttttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee teaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaachiiiiiiiiiiiiinggggggggggggg!

the end.

i promised with not much of picture in this post,
but at the end,
takde gambar langsung. sorry.
bluetooth xjadi and ..usb tertinggal dekat unisza.

for those who are going to be a teacher trainee at Sk seberang takir.
well, you are lucky :)