Wednesday, October 24, 2012


yesterday, i was sure that today is wednesday, it started from a message that i received [yesterday] saying that tomorrow[ today] is thursday. i argue for one moment, and then i look at my clock [yesterday], it said, its wednesday, so, im pretty sure i was wrong about the date, its gonna be thursday today. .. so, for the whole day, until this 7pm, i heard my father asks my sister about will she go to school or not tomorrow, i heard she said, she got one day off.[and im thinking , ofcourse its friday tomorrow,] but i didnt tell my father,, furthermore for some reason, [eidul-adha specifically] my brother also will have one day off, two including this sunday, so today, like always during thursday, he will wash his shoes. so, i continue my thought thinking that today is definitely thursday. then. i read about people saying , do fast tomorrow for tomorrow is arafah day. i thought its today[which i thought already thursday], i know its gonna fall on thursday-but for some reason i cannot participate in it. ok.  So, i was curious, and i look at the calendar, [but of course, i was looking at the wrong date] so i ask my brother, what day is today, he said " dont you remember, im watching supernatural, and supernatural has to be on tuesday, so todays gonna be wednesday" i argue with him a little bit, then i ask my father , he said " its wednesday" so, im thinking, i thought i read the calendar right last night..
I believe my eyes, im pretty sure i saw it written as "wed" yesterday....  but then,
come to think of it,
the message i received was around 1pm, so, 1pm already new,, ive been fooled by my own eyes and thought.. of course. stupid enough.

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