Thursday, September 29, 2011

just another ..

a picture worth a thousand words...

this is some of the pictures that were taken by us..

on our way to the class.. 'aqidah n akhlak' class...29.9.2011
photographer: Maryam, thats why she's not in the picture.. :) tq!

below :photographers' , Me and Sammy..

  Volleyball's team..

found this behind block we dont know what was it.. Sam..tooks some pictures of it.

actually, there's a lot more. i bought a hard disk, just for the sake of all the pictures.. but to upload all of it, might took years..hehe.. the sizes were big 4mb-10mb for a pic.

this was shoot at the back of our own block... KEJOT's day.. and that's not my food =.= 22.9.2011
photographers' : Afi, Dira n Me.

again, near our block, and was taken during convo's day. 16.9.2011

im doing this like it's the end of semester already.. hehe..

was fun.
and i loves every moment of it..:)

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