Wednesday, December 18, 2013

upm II

  The journey continues.. next week is already reaching study week which also means 2 weeks more for the final. It frightened me. Enough that I think this would screw me much. But I hope not. First semester it is. Should be easy..but with the mid term's results.. man.. it was hard. Wish it will not be that challenging for the final..
  It still the same. I dont want to feel to attach with someone or something because i still think of moving out. Well.. maybe thats the reason why I rarely socialize with friends that ive meet here. They are awesome. It just me that is so completely complicated. .
  My college and of course my room. Bith of it are amazing. Strategic. Everything that I need is just a few steps away.. but thing is.. the cats also love it. They would poo and piss infront of my room.. and sometimes the cleaner cant see it. So im the one who would clean it. But most of the times.. I just let it like that. Huhuhu...

  Ill update this more some other times. Got to go. Byebye.

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