Monday, June 13, 2016

a little bit of emotion

Hi and Good Day everyone!

so i guess it is the time of the year again. i am in my finals week and like always i tend to do my writing more during this struck of moment.

So i just want to share a bit on what is gurgling inside my mind.
not much, very little indeed as i said and yep, you have to believe it.

this semester is rough. very rough.

it was a collection of memories again.
i didnt want to say this but for me, it teach me a lot.
a lot regarding our of nation. How my country before become what my country is now.
and most of all, i'd like to say. it teach me a lot on what am i really is.

I'd like to give my THANK YOU to all my friends who are involved in this project and of making this semester a lovely one. we might quarrel a bit but again i believe we have found solution by it. We resolve and we become bigger than before. Thank you.

i have a question, is it normal to be a little bit emotional on everything? even on the simplest things such as watching videos?

i dont know, it okay or not good?

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