Friday, June 10, 2011

freak out?

yes.. pretty weird.... I dont really have that kind of freak-ing out.. the only time I feel so scared was

  1. when I want to hear the result of my exam[ usually I let my father see it first in case something bad happened he will know it first and I dont have to explain to him..hua3],
  2. I want to ask something from someone[fear of rejection?  yes...] , 
  3. Meeting my mentor [yes!, quite a feeling], 
  4. wearing khuf..........................[thatsss it], 
  5. did something ...well call it mistaked..and I cannot go back just to change the thing.... ..

em.. come to think of it,, thats quite a lot of heart-thumping situation for me actually [so forget the 'the only time was' because that were alot....hehe..] plus the un-mention thingS here.. :D

but today, after I browsed my class's group, the teslian.. I had this kind of 'thump' thump' feeling inside my body [again]

whoops! its about the roommate thing.. that dont matter, I know, but I really dont wanna things to repeat
its all because one single question, "which room are you into, " and I answered that.  and so the secret reveal, err, was it a secret anyway? they knew my room's number, its not like I dont want to tell them, but Nad.. you just give me a feeling of horror... huhuhu, I feel so uneasy now that I prefer thing comes in the most natural way..

You said "jgn risau. haha :D "

kind of scary...wohohoho  -well... what will you expect from the 'haha' and then the ':D' at the back? doomed! im doomed! ouch, omg, am i being paranoid right now..................

em. whoever you are new roommate,

I hope you have Iron [because I would like to borrow it from you if u let me]

p/s :3 weeks of holiday and only finish reading 2 books. first it was tuesday with morrie [2days of reading], and second confessions of a shopaholic [also 2days]

I recommend tuesday with morrie for everyone who want to learn the stages of life..for everyone who was too busy doing things that doesnt really make them happy..and for everyone that have someone in life that they called as teacher..happy reading !


Miss Naddy said...

like it . huhu :)

Me MySelf said...

bila tulis ni?ehm..btw,ehm...era, so, who is ur roomate?hehe

Captain Hero said...

first time in my life.. the person is not a senior.. :D..
btw, i didnt meet her yet..