Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Diari hidup seorang 'student teacher' -part 7


say, its exam week.
and i am so damn rite happy !

im not the one who's going to take the test,
no need for me to read the book.
nope.. no need for that,,
i will go to school just to sit or monitor the pupils...
and the most important part is..
i dont have to do the lesson plaaannnnnnn..whooooohooo..[some said -lesson note]

that was this morning and last week thought.

well. not now.
rite now, im bored likeeee............lalalalala..i dont know what to do.
and actually,
i dont have any class to monitor..
kak wan said, she forgot to put my name into the schedule. so...
it means i just need to sit at my space, and wait for her to come to me and give me any relief...[if in case that particular teacher absent or whatsoever]
...kalau ada lah,
but for today, none.
i didnt go out..
i didnt walk..
i didnt go anywhere...

its going to last until this thursday.
im relieved i brought the laptop.
if not for sure i will be dead bored.
i cant play with the kids,
cant tease them.
cant disturb them during their free time..

but with my spare time
im thinking of doing some social service,
i didnt yet send the card to the staff..
maybe i'll do it tomorrow. insyaAllah.

and maybe, i should do something beneficial, something useful, something that is worth the day...
and of course,
not playing games.. [cant resist but im trying to refrain the nafs]

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