Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Beware.Future ahead.

our future.just ahead.

tonite,, i would to share with you guys something that make me actually think...

so,, today..this early morning.. we have an arabic class . The instructor is still young and fun i guess :)  
what i would like to write and let you guys read and also give some opinion actually ( hee---macamla ada)  
is one of the thing that our instructor mention this morning . He said  " even though we got a super GREAT result, it is only just for a or some trip to the interview.. ."  he said that to make us qualified for the job, what we need is the soft skills 
called communication.. You maybe will be kick out in the middle of the interview if you lack of this skill.
well,,in anyway, the communication is important .Seriously important. or should i say..terribly ?
Before we go further and more deeper,this is the question, what is communication? and what did you guys understand with it?

i took the answer here:

What Is Communication

"What is communication? Communication involves the sharing of ideas and information. While many people think of communication primarily in oral or written form, communication is in fact so much more. A knowing look or a gentle touch can also communicate a message loud and clear, as can a hard push or an angry slap. So, what is communication -an interaction between two people in which something is exchanged."

The dictionary defines communication as:
  1. the act of transmitting
  2. a giving or exchanging of information, signals, or messages as by talk, gestures, or writing
  3. the information, signals, or message
  4. close, sympathetic relationship
  5. a means of communicating; specif., a system for sending and receiving messages, as by telephone, telegraph, radio, etc.
  6. a system as of routes for moving troops and material
  7. a passage or way for getting from one place to another
  8. the art of expressing ideas, esp. in speech and writing
  9. the science of transmitting information, esp. in symbols
Generally, this dictionary answer to what is communication suggests that there can be several different types of communication.

read more  here 

This involves non-verbal communication, verbal one..

what is non-verbal  ?

what i understand from what we learn together in sem 1, it is more to wordless messages. More to expression, well, language..our language is not only the type of communication here. Our gestures, eye contact, even what we wear is a communication..Non verbal communication is an art..beautiful one.

what is verbal..
its opposite to that isit?
verbal goes to sound, voice and language. sometimes it is much more complicated because in this world, we got so  many language. even if when we listen to it, we realize the tone may kind of for example : sad, angry and so on. well,, we doesnt even know what is the real meaning behind it. Cant really depends on the tone right. 

okay. writing is also .one of the communication.i dont know.and cant define which me please.

em.back to our topic.  

Since communication is important.. (nak tak nak)  We need to improve it. unless,, we want to work or live with something that does not relate to human being. which i cant think of hu hu.. 

how do we improve it?

its kind of hypocrite for me to tell this. ha ha ha.

ok.this is common. people said... join club. be an active person in the box. stand in the middle of the crowd so people will notice you.  BE FRIENDLY.  Read a lot. current news. and ASK. 

communication isnt only for work.its part of life. How we interact with each other. to understand and to be understand. 


for me, i do agree that i am very poor in communication. i dont talk to someone that i dont know .
sometimes i just dont know what to say  even they are someone i know. I love to listen to people but most of the time,  i just cant respond to the story because i got nothing in my mind. BLANK.thats all i got. People who know me will realize that.. or not?

This character of mine is not good for me. for everyone. its stupid.  

sometimes i just wonder. do i really need to get GREAT result because at the end. we know that people only go for skills, i will be reject at the first step . but then, who knows..ha ha ha.. 
yesterday, i had read a blog from a senior. Yes, i do agree with her, Make our parents proud having us as their child..So let it. we can upgrade our skills time to time.. hak300x

p/s : i dont understand this post. do you.?

ignore the grammar mistake or help me by write the right one. hahuheho,.

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