Thursday, July 13, 2017


Its been YEARS already since I last turn my digital image into paper. Back in the days I used to develop the film at the nearest Photo Shop. This is just to keep it memorable as there is no such things as google drives, digital image or whatsoever during my school time. Ah, I make myself sounds old enough!

To do things online or offline, one always need to check the price and budget. But I didnt go offline checking (Duh, why do you even think i do things online?) , I just compare between the online services in the net and yeah, Pixajoy won the deal as it is more money wise compared to the other sites. - They got promotion's voucher for the first time user: 48 PIECES OF 4R IMAGE + a photo frame FOR ONLY RM8.90-exclude postage

After I finish my registration and checking other promotions which is so easy to do (you can even keep one of your eyes closed doing this,haha)I decided to try their promotion for 48 pieces of 4R image ( Paper- Art Card 230gsm with Protective Gloss Lamination)

Just to see how things go. First of all, to make things easier, I choose the pictures that I want to print, put it inside one folder and named it. after I am all done with the payment (include postage : RM 18.00), key in all the voucher code, I go to the next step which is to edit my image. They provide their own online editing application in that page. The editing apps is easy to use but sometimes I am having trouble regarding the image ratio as it needs to be in landscape, so when I am having a portrait image the ratio create some glitches. It can be fix, but needs a little bit of patient (If it can't be fixed, I just choose another image hah! I have so many more).

As the service letting us to edit our own image, I can actually put more than 48 in that folder, I edit it to shrink a bit so in one 4R PHOTO it can include 4-5 more pictures, this application also letting us to put wording inside it. This is the things I can't do back in the days of my high school.

anddd, not to worry if you miss to put image inside one of the 4R TEMPLATE, the system will remind you so that you will not receive any empty photo later. Hehe

Pixajoy is using Skynet as their delivery company. I am at first quite worry because I have never use Skynet in my whole life but it turned out just fine as I received my parcel in just 3 days after I done with all the editing process and confirmed my order (the pictures that I want)
The multifunctional photo frame

You can see example of the photos below, the image is awesome, high quality paper and it turned out just the same as the image we provided the system (meaning that, depending on the original quality, the image you will receive will look exactly like what you give them - What you give, you get back formula) 

When I touch the texture of the photo it gave me different vibes compared to the ones I had in the album (old days) but I am guessing this picture will not having any issues such as withered maybe because of the paper types they are using. I feel like it will not stick and peel off to each other thus destroying the photos.  I still like the ones I had before but it required more effort to take care of it.(IF I DIDNT WANT TO PUT IN ALBUM and can you sense I cannot move on?)

They also provide service to do Photobook which I think kind of awesome, I will surely try it next time!

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