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Hi, currently I am a new postgrad student in UPM (UNIVERSITI PUTRA MALAYSIA). In this short post I will list the step taken to apply and register for the course that you are interested in. I am doing coursework so my step is more towards this path.

First of all, what you need to have is the degree or the bachelor. It doesn't matter if you didn't yet finish your study as long as you are in the final semester of your bachelor degrees you can already start APPLYING FOR IT.
Normally, at the end of the final semester the universities will start doing its marketing on their postgraduate courses. If you are free and have time for this, PLEASE GO TO THEIR EVENT, listen to the talk and get a voucher for a free application. Student who apply without the voucher need to pay RM63.60 (AS FOR 2017)



after you are done with the sign up process, you will need to choose you kind of study between research or coursework ( UPM currently have this two only)

Fill all the important space and if you are thinking about doing research (please provide your research proposal)

student who already have someone they know to become their supervisor also could give the name in the applying section.

for student who still haven't finish their studies, please provide your soft copy of transcript from the first semester till the previous semester.

choose your faculty and your course. (THIS IS IMPORTANT)

make sure all necessary space are filled or your application could be rejected and your money will be wasted if you didn't do it correctly.

the applying process is very simple.

IF YOU ARE APPLYING FOR TESL POSTGRAD/MASTER ( be prepared for an interview)
I am not sure about other courses.

if you need help, just buzz me in the comment section or email me at

I will try to help you as much as I can.

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What would you do if you lost something?
            And what would you feel if that thing is very valuable to you?
And what if,
The thing that you lost is actually your own feeling?

            This is a story about love and hope, a family and a child’s dream and all were shattered into pieces because of just one bad decision.

3rd January 2012

That day, it wasn’t like any other day in Tommy’s life, that day he was going to be sent into his new school. He is going to be in the secondary level and this had made him excited. The excitement of being older and nervousness of meeting new people are all rushes inside him now. Moreover, he is going to stay farther from his own comfort zone, he is going to stay in the hostel.
“Are you nervous? I hope you are okay because believe me this will be fun new experience for you buddy” said the father asking without even waiting for the answer.  
“Yeah, I’m fine. I am just tired” Tommy lied.
 Of course he feels nervous, he wasn’t supposed to be tired at all but maybe because he’s sweating under his shirt that make him feels tired. Tommy is a hard boy to love, he doesn’t know how to make friend but once he loves, he loves with all his heart. He can’t stop thinking about who is going to be his friend, he doesn’t know how to make first move in friendship, it feels awkward for him to even start saying “Hi”, but he knew that he needs to, everyone needs friend, he knew that.

            5th March 2012

It had been 2 months since he first entered the school, a lot of things going by. He did make friends, but it feels like the friend that he made can just be consider as ‘passer’,

“Tommy, can you come and solve the equation?”  his teacher called out his name in the class like usual.

What is interesting with Tommy is that, he is one of the brilliant boy, he could almost be considered as the genius in the school, the teachers love him but you know the rules in school, if the teachers like you meaning that, the students will hates you not because they hate that you are brilliant, it just that they felt insecure and jealous toward the love that Tommy get.
            And that is what happened to Tommy, he is hated for that.
 But they don’t know that not all teachers love him, some just treats him as badly as ever.
            And what is worst, yet he too is not being loved for that.

The school that Tommy is now enroll is not the normal school like other people, this is a private school, a catholic school on which apart from academic studies, he too needs to learn and memorize what he learn in his religious classes. People might see him as smart and genius academically but what they didn’t see is that he is very bad in another part. He is struggling memorizing everything, its not that he didn’t try, of course he did and he tried so much but the thing is we should always know that people are not perfect. They tend to be good on the other side until we didn’t see that there is also a part of them that is not perfect. It happened to Tommy but his parents does not understand that, they doesn’t want to send Tommy to the school of his choice, they feel like by sending him to this type of school he will learn better and progress faster than what he did back at the home. As for Tommy, he trust his parents with his life as much as he loves them with all his heart make he accept the decision and didn’t say any word to object it. With no one to share the misery of the heart, he suffered so much. The dream that he had once hold for so long finally break into pieces one by one.
            He’s being bullied physically and mentally, tortured in the surrounding depressed because of both by his classmates and the teachers. He didn’t tell this to anyone, nobody would believe him, he is known as smart and brilliant it would be a shame to admit that he can’t memorize certain verses correctly and being punished for that. Thinking of his own parents hope that he would be just fine and successful, how on earth is he going to break the news to them and then shattered all the dreams that his parents had build. He won’t do that, at least not now.

            4th February 2013

A year has finally passed, but he still has another 4 years to keep on standing, Tommy really can’t continue anymore, he’s falling so hard that no one could ever imagine, once a happy boy and loved by all his family had now becoming so different. He becomes so quiet and a loner. Tommy already makes a decision. He had decided about it for so long already, he is going to end everything that make him suffered.

            A night before, Tommy already make an appointment with Charles, the boy who keeps on bullying him. Charles was a boy with a tough body, not that brilliant but everybody fierce him, and he have a group of another tough people consider as his follower which he acted as their leader. Tommy wanted to discuss with Charles one to one without anyone else disturbing them about his feeling and that he wants Charles to stop bullying him and other people because he knew Charles didn’t only bullied him, he bullied everyone else who looks weak in his eyes.

            6th July 2013

“The court had decided that Thomas Venille Wood is found guilty for killing Charles Grey on 4th February 2013”

Today, Tommy smile as he listened to the court, He could still hear Charles voice shrieking in pain, he had lost his control that day, and he kept stabbing him without even listening to Charles begging him to stop.

            Since the day the accident happened, he didn’t communicate well with anyone. Tommy stop going to school, he didn’t talk to anyone not even his parents, he spend most of his time in his room alone without any disturbance. When the police investigated him and asked him a lot of questions it seems like only his body was there but his soul was already dead together with Charles. He can’t feel anything anymore, he didn’t care at all if his mother cried because of him or his father feels disappointed with him or not. Down at the corner of the court, he can see his parents weeping their eyes out but he didn’t feel anything, not sad, not happy, it feels like he had lost them all. Tommy stood there firmly looking at all of the faces that once he used to love with all of his heart, now it’s gone and he can’t get it back. 

This is a story that had been book-published as one of the compilation of short stories from my classmates.

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Its been YEARS already since I last turn my digital image into paper. Back in the days I used to develop the film at the nearest Photo Shop. This is just to keep it memorable as there is no such things as google drives, digital image or whatsoever during my school time. Ah, I make myself sounds old enough!

To do things online or offline, one always need to check the price and budget. But I didnt go offline checking (Duh, why do you even think i do things online?) , I just compare between the online services in the net and yeah, Pixajoy won the deal as it is more money wise compared to the other sites. - They got promotion's voucher for the first time user: 48 PIECES OF 4R IMAGE + a photo frame FOR ONLY RM8.90-exclude postage

After I finish my registration and checking other promotions which is so easy to do (you can even keep one of your eyes closed doing this,haha)I decided to try their promotion for 48 pieces of 4R image ( Paper- Art Card 230gsm with Protective Gloss Lamination)

Just to see how things go. First of all, to make things easier, I choose the pictures that I want to print, put it inside one folder and named it. after I am all done with the payment (include postage : RM 18.00), key in all the voucher code, I go to the next step which is to edit my image. They provide their own online editing application in that page. The editing apps is easy to use but sometimes I am having trouble regarding the image ratio as it needs to be in landscape, so when I am having a portrait image the ratio create some glitches. It can be fix, but needs a little bit of patient (If it can't be fixed, I just choose another image hah! I have so many more).

As the service letting us to edit our own image, I can actually put more than 48 in that folder, I edit it to shrink a bit so in one 4R PHOTO it can include 4-5 more pictures, this application also letting us to put wording inside it. This is the things I can't do back in the days of my high school.

anddd, not to worry if you miss to put image inside one of the 4R TEMPLATE, the system will remind you so that you will not receive any empty photo later. Hehe

Pixajoy is using Skynet as their delivery company. I am at first quite worry because I have never use Skynet in my whole life but it turned out just fine as I received my parcel in just 3 days after I done with all the editing process and confirmed my order (the pictures that I want)
The multifunctional photo frame

You can see example of the photos below, the image is awesome, high quality paper and it turned out just the same as the image we provided the system (meaning that, depending on the original quality, the image you will receive will look exactly like what you give them - What you give, you get back formula) 

When I touch the texture of the photo it gave me different vibes compared to the ones I had in the album (old days) but I am guessing this picture will not having any issues such as withered maybe because of the paper types they are using. I feel like it will not stick and peel off to each other thus destroying the photos.  I still like the ones I had before but it required more effort to take care of it.(IF I DIDNT WANT TO PUT IN ALBUM and can you sense I cannot move on?)

They also provide service to do Photobook which I think kind of awesome, I will surely try it next time!

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Into the land of Kimchi..and seaweed. (Part 3)

Hi, lama tak sambung posting gi negara orang. (GAMBAR NANTI LA AKU SHARE EH)

Post ni maybe would be the last one walaupun sebenarnya aku ada lagi 3 hari kat Korea after this part. Lagi best sebenarnya sebab 2 hari last merupakan waktu shopping and ada kejadian unexpected disebabkan demonstrasi kat korea - hal presiden kena pecat tu.  (nota berterabur - aku tak catit betul, I am so sorry)

Jadi macam yang aku janjikan part ni aku akan sambung cerita travel. Location trip seterusnya ialah ke Everland. Korea ada banyak gak la Taman Tema ala ala Disneyland tu tapi yang aku buat research Everland yang best la sebab ada banyak games outdoor plus so so big. (thumbs up Wiya for good choice!)


Hari sebelum tu kan kitorang menginap di IPark Condo - bilik best.
Pagi tu after breakfast (aku makan cereal and susu je) kitorang terus gerak ke Everland. Yey!!
suhu pagi tu 5c, sejukkkkkkk

untuk ke Everland dari Hotel ni perjalanan mengambil masa selama 2 hingga 3 jam, lama giler sampai aku bebel bebel kenapa la duduk jauh sangat tak pilih tempat dekat sikit. Bazir waktu sangat!. 

On the way tu, ada dalam 40 minit nak sampai tempat tuju bas tu berhenti satu tempat ni nama dia Yeoje Service Area. ni lebih kurang RnR la kalau kat Malaysia, cuma tak berenti makan just berhenti untuk ke tandas. Kat sini macam biasa kitorang turun dari bas dengan bawak botol kosong masing masing sebab tak reti (tak biasa) la den nak membuang hajat tanpa air. hehehe. kat sini Lee Zjhi bagitahu jangan makan sebab tak tahu status kehalalan toyyiban dorang. 

lepas semua dah bersedia dan selesai buat kiraan orang bas pun gerak semula. Perjalanan ke Everland ni laluan dia masuk bandar sikit so boleh la tengok keadaan  bangunan yang dekat dekat serta jalan berbukit bukit yang rapat. Sebelum berhenti kat Everland, Zahraa bagitahu akan lunch dulu. hee. Okay je sebab memang lapar giler dah ni. Restoran yang kitorang makan nama dia Thai Siam. 
Makanan kat sana, okay lah.... boleh telan haha. korang jangan la expect dia punya Tomyam tu macam kat Malaysia atau kat Thailand tu, nak betul sedap gi makan kat sana sungguh. Makanan dia mengenyangkan lah!. alhamdulillah.

Habis je semua orang setel makan minum kita terus bergerak ke Everland. Zahraa dan Lee zjhi bagitahu spend waktu kat sana 3 jam je..HUHUHU. sedih betul part ni sebab ticket dapat yang all day pass tapi boleh spend waktu 3 jam jee. Dahla tempat tu luas, lagi besar dari USS katanya. Tapi normal la kan nama pun pergi ramai ramai under agency. Semua jadual itinerary kita dan agreed beforehand lagi, so mana boleh complain kan, ada tempat lain lagi nak melawat. Sempat main beberapa games je, yang paling hebat Roller coaster dorang lah. Kalau pergi Everland jangan lupa try tau! tapi kat sini so sad satu perkara, takde makanan yang confirm halal! jadi if rasa korang cepat lapar, bawak la makanan sorok sorok. Hehe. aku pergi tu dia takde pun check apa apa.

lepas 3 jam menyeronokkan diri kat Everland, kitorang naik bas untuk menuju ke Namsan Seoul Tower pulak..jalan nak pergi Namsan Seoul Tower ni lebih kurang macam nak pergi menara sight seeing kat Sabah. Jalan dia berpusing pusing naik bukit. Bas tak boleh naik sampai ke atas pun, kena parking kat bawah tak jauh pun jalan dalam 15 minit kot. Penat la sikit sebab bukit kan kena mendaki. laluan nak naik tu pun lawaa sangat dengan pokok pokok tapi takda daun daun. HAHA! kitorang amek gambar on the way turun sebab waktu naik tu ramai sangat orang...

Kat atas tu ada menara Namsan yang tinggi, nak naik atas tu kena bayar tak include dalam package so kita just jalan jalan kat bawah tu je, pergi depan sikit ada laluan nak ke tempat orang gantung mangga tu, dalam drama famous la tempat ni, Pelancong ramai gantung mangga tanda cinta. HAHA.
Ada satu kerusi tu dia bentuk senget tu, rules dia kena duduk dengan pasangan or berdua.. aku gi duduk sorang sorang! orang kata tak boleh. aah orang kata macam macam ikut korang la nak percaya ke tidak. HAHA!

Next location ialah kilang buat seaweed sekali muzium lah. dalam tu ada ajar cara buat kimchi gak. aku sebenarnya dah start lupa pergi muzium ni dulu ke gi seoul tower dulu eh? Haha. lantak la yang penting kejadian ni berlaku pada hari yang sama. Kat kilang ni pekerja dia cerita la camna seaweed dibuat, amek kat mana, apa proses dia.. siap boleh try yang dia buat depan kita. banyak la makan. hehe. Pastu pergi satu bilik ada buat kimchi pulak. Belajar la cara buat kimchi dengan instructor tu. yang lawak aku ingat kimchi yang kitorang buat tu dia nak bagi simpan wat balik malaysia tapi dia mintak pastu letak dalam plastik macam nak buang pun ada. SEDIH wei. HUHU!

Pastu tu kitorang berpeluang mengenakan pakaian tradisional Korea iaitu Hanbok. Best la kat sini boleh tengok macam macam jenis pakaian, cantik cantik semua. Kalau tak pandai pakai takpa, ada orang bantu. Lepas siap berpakaian ada sesi bergambar kumpulan.

Kat sini jugak adik aku beli susu pisang yang famous tu, rasa dia okay lah, sedap. Tapi tu first and last aku minum sebab aku kedekut nak beli lagi. Tak minat sangat pun rasa baik beli susu lembu perisa strawberi, jagung apa  kat pasar tani tu, lebih kurang je rasa, murah pun murah lagi. HAHA #riwayathidupcheapskate

kat sini gak aku buat pilihan tak berapa bijak kerana telah membeli seaweed 5 paket berharga 11000 WON - RM44 yang mana aku boleh dapat lagi murah kat tempat shopping. HUHU.


Dinner malam kedua ni merupakan makanan India. Pergi korea tapi makanan korea payah sangat nak jumpa pun! hehe

best makanan kat sini, buffet! bertambah tambah makan. Tandas kat sini special, lebih kurang tandas kat Jepun aku rasa walaupun tak pernah pergi Jepun tapi duk baca baca macam lebih kurang je gaya dia. HEHE

Masjid kat seoul ni bertempat di Itaewon mungkin disebabkan majoriti umat Islam ada kat sini or vice versa masjid ni dibina disini menyebabkan ramai umat Islam ada kat kawasan ni, ramai foreigner lah kalau nak cakap sebab even our tour guide pun bagitahu yang agama Islam adalah minoriti disini. yang ramai Free Thinker. Kitorang singgah masjid ni sekadar untuk melawat sebenarnya sebab kejar masa, Lee zjhi yang teman pergi, tak ramai pun yang ikut sebab kena berjalan kaki agak jauh dari tempat dinner tu plus naik bukit so agak penat tapi kitorang yang pergi ni nak merasa tengok so bila sampai sana ada yang pergi solat, Lee zjhi macam terkejut tapi dia Okay je, cuma nampak la muka dia macam cuak sikit sebab kejar masa kan. Thank you Lee Zjhi sebab memahami! (thumbs up!) Disebabkan ada yang solat, so aku and famili aku pun pergi solat la jugak, masuk dalam komen aku kebersihan dorang kena jaga la sikit.. dalam masjid banyak tulisan indonesia mungkin ramai indonesia kot yang jaga masjid. tak tahu la tu. Alhamdulillah sempat merasa solat di masjid negara orang, aku syukur sangat.

Untuk 3 malam terakhir kitorang stay kat hotel ni, lupa pula exact location dia kat mana, tempat ni agak jauh la dengan subway (tak merasa naik pun). So if nak pergi mana mana tempat tumpuan malam malam kena amek teksi.

Hotel ni best, walaupun kecil lagi dari kat Ipark Condo tu, WIFI DIA LAJUUUUU! siap boleh buat video call dengan keluarga tercinta kat Malaysia! boleh update gambar, boleh surf internet, best lah..and kali ni, air cond dia tak balut dengan kain walaupun dia ada tingkap yang boleh je nak bukak, haha!. kitorang On aircond tapi set suhu 28 celcius gitu, jadi macam heater pulak, Very niceeee sangat perasaan dia tu. Hehe. Iron dia tak sedia, aku iron baju and tudung pakai pengering rambut yang ada sedia dalam laci meja, jadi je cuma lambat sikit laa.

Kat sebelah hotel ada mart, boleh beli apa apa yang nak beli, makanan ke...minuman kee...tapi check dulu laa halal ke tak yea? Kami beli butter chips tu, best! siap wat balik Malaysia berbungkus bungkus nak bagi famili try jugak, lain dari yang lain chips yang ni, rasa masin manis macam tu, sedap!

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Into the land of Kimchi..and seaweed. (Part 2)


hari ni rajin sikit nak sambung posting..
Baca part 1 sini 

tapi aku nak citer rate kat sana lebih kurang 1000won = rm 4.
1000 won kat sana boleh beli air mineral 500ml. so korang leh faham kat situ betapa duit kita jatuh waktu aku pergi ni.

alright, ready dah?

okay sebelum tu aku nak bagitahu dalam itinerary yang diorang provide untuk first day hari kitorang landed di Korea ni jadualnya :

1. transfer tu chuncheon.
2. Nami Island with ferry ride (winter sonata shooting place)
3. transfer to Mount Sorak National Park/ Shinheungsa temple)
4. Check in at Mt. Sorak 

L: Halal Spicy Stir Fried Chickern @Namiok
D: Grilled Fish @Teotgol


Masa mula mula kitorang sampai tu,   Zahraa bagitahu dah, kita singgah toilet untuk buang air kecik je, salin baju nanti nanti, tapi ramai orang tak dapat mesej tu kot, dorang salin baju semua, jadi lambat la sikit kat situ padahal banyak benda lagi nak setel. 

Masa kat bahagian imigresyen tu, Damia nangis kuat sangat. Dia dari naik flight lagi nangis tak berenti, tak pernah pernah sebelum ni, tapi mungkin dia penat sangat, perjalanan jauh sangat dia dari johor ke puchong, pastu puchong gi klia2 . tu cranky tu..

Sebab Damia nangis, kakak, and abang ipar aku, sekali Damia la dapat fast lane (eh best pulak), so dorang setel awal. boleh siap salin baju, pampers Damia lagi. kira laju la, memang laju pun, aku beratur ada dekat setengah jam kot. Ramai sangat orang,

Lepas dah setel kat bahagian Imigresyen tu, amek luggage semua and proceed keluar untuk salin baju semua. kejap je, Rushing sangat. pastu terus gerak keluar airport, masa tu, bas kitorang dah ada, ada yang tolong angkut angkut barang, pompuan dan laki korea. aku macam blur sangat waktu tu, bagi beg pastu terus naik atas.

Masa naik tu, abang ipar aku naik dulu, dia pilih seat belakang sekali, kira kalau naik bas, bahagian belakang la paling aku anti, takot nak muntah, terlompat lompat segala. hahah. tapi sebab abang ipar aku dah pilih situ, aku and kakak aku amek seat depan sikit dari dorang.

Dalam bas, Zahraa perkenalkan yang pompuan korea tu akan jadi tour guide kitorang sepanjang perjalanan, dan akan naik bas yang dipandu pakcik tu selama 5 hari 4 malam kat korea ni. hehe. dalam tu dia ajar la sikit sikit bahasa Korea.

so, perjalanan kitorang mula untuk ke Nami, akan lalu highway, aku perati kat highway Korea ni...banyak sangat tunnel. lebih 10x aku rasa lalu tunnel. Penjelasan tour guide dia sebab korea ni, banyak bukit.  #history

Lama gak perjalanan, dalam sejam lebih gak, so rehat la dalam bas tu, bas selesa wei, ngan cuaca sejuk sejuk, memang best. hehe. Duk belakang pon tak rasa terlompat.

Sampai kat jeti nak pi pulau nami tu, naik ferry. 5 minit je perjalanan, sebab pulau Nami ni dia kat sungai Han tu. jarak tak jauh pun dari land. tapi mencabar kat fery, sebab sejuk and berangin, baju lak nipis. anak sedara aku la paling bravo. Tahan sejuk. If korang tak tahan sejuk, ferry tu ada bahagian dalam, masuk je dalam tu terus rasa macam dunia berbeza weh, sebab nyaman sangat, ada pemanas dia. haha. So if korang macam taknak lepak luar, boleh lepak dalam.

Sampai kat Nami, Lee zjhi tu gtaw spend waktu kejap je, dalam sejam kot. So kitorang pon bergambar la acah acah winter sonata(citer korea dulu dulu).

 makan pau dia harga 1000 won (rm4) halal, zahraa kata halal.

Kat Nami Island, banyak statue seksi seksi jenis mak anak bagi susu gitu. aku pun tak paham maksud dia.

Setel tu kita gerak la balik, tak solat sini pun sebab masa tak mengizinkan.

Dalam bas Lee zjhi tu gtaw, kalau boleh waktu lunch nanti sekali solat terus sebab kita tak sempat waktu nak gi Sorak Mountain, last cabel car jam 5. perjalanan take time dalam 2 jam ke 3 jam gitu katanya. So dia tanya kita boleh tak spend 40min je untuk makan and pray, if tak besok kena buat aktiviti tu, and if buat besok. waktu jadual lain akan singkat jugak. So kitorang setuju untuk cuba makan dan solat dalam masa 40 min je.

Sampai kat restoran tu, bbq halal restaurant, aku and ramai gak la perempuan perempuan lain gi solat dulu. lepas siap solat terus aku gi makan.. makanan tu kita goreng sendiri, nasi, ayam, sayur.. ada side dish kimchi, salad.. Alhamdulillah, semua orang pun on time. tepat 40min kita gerak. tapi Ms Lee gtw gak, takut tak sempat, bawak laju bas takut bahaya so kitorang doa je dalam hati mintak mintak sempat.

So, alhamdulillah, kitorang sampai before pukul 5. betul betul on time untuk last cable car naik atas mountain.

Enjoy kot kat situ, sebab sekarang masih peralihan musim, sempat la merasa main salji kat sana. Ehehe.

Lepas tu kitorang turun untuk melawat temple, tapi aku tak pergi, macam jauh je nak gi belah temple tu so kitorang bergambar kat bridge yang takde orang lalu. hehe

Masa tu sejuk sangat, sebab kawasan berbukit, ngan ais tak cair lagi. sejuk sangat...

dah setel semua tu, naik bas semula untuk gi dinner pulak, makan ikan sardin hehehe.

mackerel dia lain ngan kita makan kat sini, sardin kita biasa makan dalam tin tu kan. aku la. Tapi kat sini diorang goreng, segar ikan tu. rupa dia macam ikan bakar, tapi sebenarnya dia goreng. Kalau nak bagi perumpamaan, dia macam ala ala ikan rebus korang tak abis makan semalam, hari ni goreng, aa macam tu. tapi best wei kat tempat makan tu, ikan besar, side dishes semua boleh tambah tak charge pun. sedap pulak tuuu. rindu pulak. hehe

dah setel dinner, kita gerak balik untuk check in malam tu, kat ipark condo.

kat condo tu, bilik besar, ada tandas water heater, aircond dia pulak balut ngan kain, haha, if nak angin bukak je pintu koridor. Sejuk sangat pulak if bukak, tak bukak macam dalam heater je bilik. haha. tapi bilik tu cukup lengkap la, ada peti, ada tv, ada barang barang dapur semua cukup lengkap.

Jadi trip hari ni, setel kat sini, nanti if ada masa aku sambung lagi. next trip to EVERLAND yeaaay!

#wiyatravel #wiya #malaysia #korea #kimchi #seaweed #namiIsland #MountSorak #sorak #mountain

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Into the land of Kimchi..and seaweed. (Part 1)

kat sini aku akan kongsi perjalanan kitorang pergi Korea Selatan (Seoul). Kitorang satu famili pergi pakej under Wiya Travel untuk musim Bunga 22-26 March 2017.

kita start post dari  KLIA 2 la yer. by the way, ni first time aku travel jauh, cuak gak and mungkin dalam ni ada post yang bosan untuk korang tapi aku nak citer gak sebab tu pengalaman berharga bagi aku yang first timer ni. heheheh.

Perjalanan kami bermula dari 21 haribulan lagi sebab tiket flite 22 hb tu jatuh jam 1 pagi, nak tak nak kena check in awal la kang terlepas flight. kitorng decide akan ada dari jam 10 lagi kat KLIA2. Bila sampai kat sana, ejen dari Wiya Travel dah ada. Zahraa namanya. dia duk lambai lambai. Aku nampak kakak aku dulu, sebab dia dah datang awal dengan husband and anak dia, Damia. Anak sedara aku la, umur 2 tahun join trip ni jugak. aku menumpang kakak aku aa. Dia yang belanja aku and adik aku. jadik kitorang pergi berlima. TERIMA KASIH KAKAK. 

Kakak aku bagi name tag Wiya Travel nak letak kat luggage. nasib baik gak dorang sedia, aku memang dah lupa terus nak tanda beg aku tu. hehe

 and untuk pengetahuan korang, aku bukan peminat KPOP, tak tengok citer korea, tak pernah amek tahu pasal korea dan segalanya la pasal Korea (kecuali kes jong nam korea utara dan kes president dia tu), tak pernah masuk list pun nak gi Korea. tapi Alhamdulillah, sebab orang belanja, kita sampai jugak. Mama kata, niat dalam hati nak travel tengok negeri orang, tengok ciptaan Allah.


Sementara menunggu geng geng travel under Wiya sampai kitorang lepak lepak kat tepi tu. Ada acik and abang ipar aku, famili mertua kakak aku tolong hantar kitorang sekali. Husna anak sedara aku dah sedih dah, aku pun sedih nak tinggal dia. Lama gak kitorang duk sama-sama kat sepang haritu kan, jadi nak tinggal rasa sedih.

Bila semua dah sampai, kitorang proceed kat kaunter untuk check in luggage. Semua setel, aku punya barang 10 kilo total.

Sebelum masuk bahagian pelepasan antarabangsa tu, adik aku minta nak gi makan KFC, sebab dia belum dinner., Zahraa kata, dalam flite dorang akan hidang 2x makanan, jadi boleh pilih nak amek untuk dinner or breakfast. aku dah dinner rumah acik and tak ikot la Ilham. Kena masuk sebelum pukul 12 kat bahagian antarabangsa, sekarang baru kul 10 lebih.

masa nak check kat imigresyen, kakak ajar aku pergi guna mesin, kakak takleh guna mesin sebab dia bawak baby, dia kena gi kaunter, senang je pakai mesin tu, sebab ada banyak and memang user friendly, kau letak je pasport atas tu and dia scan.

waktu tu memang smooth, tak beratur panjang pun, tak ramai orang pilih flite waktu pagi kot. memang laju aa setel semua.

sebab kitorang masuk awal, kitorang lepak dulu dalam tu tunggu ilham. lepas  baru gerak nak gi gate 112 kalau tak silap.. masa scan barang hand carry tu. lawak sangat, sabun sebamed kakak and deodorant Ilham kena rampas. sedih woi. tapi nak wat cane, langgar peraturan kan. patut lebih 100ml masuk luggage kargo. tapi cane tah leh terbawak. part lawak sebab Kaya Ilham pun kena rampas. tuan tu duk suruh ilham kuar kan benda yang macam gel gel dalam beg dia, Ilham pun lupa ape benda la gel gel. ahha, bila keluarkan kan semua..ada roti dua bungkus and Kaya sebekas. kena gelak sebab bawak Kaya nak makan kat Korea... well, kita cheapskate, jimat selagi boleh.

dari kaunter scan tu nak ke gate 112 tu ya Allah jauhnyaaaa. pastu sebab tadi air yang isi dah buang, nak isi semula dari gate 112 tu pusing balik jauhnyaaaaa sebab kat depan tu je water heater yang function, yang lain rosak.

Okay setel lah, nak dekat jam 1 pagi, kitorang pun masuk la kapai terbang.. bermula la perjalanan kami ke tanah Kimchi dan Seaweed. Hehe.

Dalam flite, agak panas, naik air asia. Sebab waktu malam, dorang tutup lampu ready nak tidor, pastu bukak balik nak hidang makan, lepas semua setel makan, tutup lagi, kemudian waktu pagi jam 6 macam tu dorang hidang makanan lagi. (2 jam selepas gerak dan dua jam sebelum sampai makanan dihidang)

Dijangka tiba jam 8.25 pagi waktu korea.

ni first time aku solat dalam kapal terbang, solat kat seat macam tu je, amek wudhu kat toilet.

dorang hidang makanan nasi lemak, aku sakit perot la pulak, so ni first time jugak buang air besar dalam flite. wuuwuwu. keseksaan sungguh lah.

By the way, Aku pilih amek breakfast berbanding dinner sebab dalam itinerary dah bagitau, and Zahraa bagitahu lagi yang perjalanan kami dari airport terus ke Nami Island dan segala tu, untuk next makan makan tu waktu lunch pulak, so taknak bagi kelaparan giler, breakfast la jawapannya.

Oh, lupa nak bagitahu, dalam flite tu, cabin crew akan bagi borang suh isi, borang declaration semua la, kena isi terus dalam flight sebab nanti jadi lambat waktu nak cek imigresyen sane. Hehe. so korang jangan lupa isi borang tu semua, banyak jam dalam flight tuuu..

waktu pagi jam 5 macam tu..langit dah agak cerah. jam 6 ke 7 tu memang cerah sangat dah. Boleh nampak kat bawah laut, bangunan semua... Kita nak sampai Korea dah..hehe
Tepat jam 8.15 kitorng sampai ke Lapangan terbang Incheon, Korea selatan. Sampai awal dari jangkaan. Alhamdulillah.

(kita sambung nanti pulak)

baca part 2 kat sini

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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Letter to bestfriend

A post dedicated truly for one of the person that give meaning to my life, and I am not saying this person is the only one it just we sometimes got to admit one person can really play an important part in us. for this moment- and since I get close to her.

To my best friend,

First of all, thank you for becoming a friend. I guess I am very lucky to have you as a friend, and moreover to be accepted into your circle of best friend.

Thank you for letting our friendship be known to others.. There is nothing I value more than my relationship with you, and it seems that everyone knows that.
Thank you for sticking by my side, even if we don't see each other as much as we did before, and for never forgetting about me. I appreciate that more than you could ever know.
Thank you for listening to bad news that I was not supposed to share with anyone, but I still shared with you. Thank you for letting me in your life by making me knows the news about you, all the good and the bad, all things that we didn't really share with other but we share with each other. Thank you for giving me consultation, for making me thinks rationally when I am about to give up. Thank you for understanding that sometimes things are warped in my head, but that I will soon realize how crazy I sound after we have finish our debate.
Thank you for letting me feel like part of your family. I really feels like I'm home when I am at your house, greeted by your mother with a hug, that is just so soothing. 

we argue a lot didn't we? all those I hate you and then I love you back moment.
sometimes we argue on things that is so unnecessary, it sucks when I lost moreover when it is about a very small things but I do appreciate all of the arguments because at the end of the day, we talk about it and did not keep quiet on it . Those fights we had making us become closer and make me realize just how much I cherish you.Thank you for fighting with me like a sister or - a mother- . (very childish and very stupid) its how I act sometimes(maybe more) forgetting how blessed I am to be having you as a best friend. Thank you for coping with me all these times. 

Thank you for making fun of me, to add up on the fools that I gave myself. Knowing I'll have you on my back about it for a little while, just makes me realize that I gave you something to laugh about. But then again, Thank you for stopping me humiliating myself more by saying that I deserve more than that, to make me believe that I do have something in myself. 
Thank you for being my person. my confidante. There is no one on this Earth I connect with more than you, and I will love you as my best friend forever. For all the memories that we shared together, for the memories that we did not share together but for letting me know about it. Thank you. 

most of all, Thank you for always telling me the truth even when its hard to accept. Not to lies and not to cover anything. please don't stop telling me the truth, even when I'm denying it because you do know I need to know about it. 

There is more, but I think I will stop here first. 

and uh, one more thing
-always remember that you are beautiful in every way you display yourself..inside and out-

Thank you,
circa early 2016- Dungun


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