Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Thats the time when i start to write this post..lets see how long do i take to post A POST..



if yesterday was a sad day for me. I think that, today had been a fine day for me. seriously, all my stress from the previous day had gone. I dont know where, maybe they are playing hide and seek with me..will come again any moment..arrgh..haha..its without pressure would be weird though...

so, my sister ask me to upload pictures of the annual dinner that was held 1st April 2011, im totally forgot about it, but that day was great, its my third time going to dinner..
the first time was when im studying at KUIS, i had became usher for the VIP that book tables..very fun!

the second time was when im 'gedix' want to follow my sister going to her friend's wedding(dinner style) it was fun too.. remember well " coffee or tea?" haha..

the third time -that night[ very fun plus i won the lucky draw-never win anything before,haha] and yet, that was the first time buffet styles for me-in the matter of what we call dinner

and so, i promise you that i will upload it..
please wait..

because i need to copy all those photos from friends first..adeii..haha..

..and tomorrow[today actually] i will present something about grammar..wish me all the best!
its time to

[now is 3.45am]


Me MySelf said...

ala mana gambarnye..nk tgk!

askar langit said...

when im in "gedix"?????