Saturday, April 30, 2011

EXAM- semester 2 -

its been a while since i had updated my blog [30 minutes ago?] ..
Well so ..I am busy with my examinations ..[this is a lie] and actually I don't have any idea on what I am going to post as I thought a talks about examination would be a boring subject.

nevermind, let it be. I don't know what else to talk about and this Post is just for the sake of updating blog and I will tell you guys a little bit about what is going on with this exam things.

So far, what I would like to consider as my killer subject is the Educational Psychology which I would say, it made me stress a bit and Alhamdulillah, it was now over.
and what about the other subjects..?

some of it i have more than enough time , while for certain subjects... even hours is not enough..HuHU... So, what to do when things like this happened ? For sure i will never leave question unanswered. I will just answer it but this time without any moment to consider my 'handwriting'.. huhu... [double trouble plus with the original handwriting that is so 'nice'] and second, the questions will not be answered based on the real format anymore.

There are this one paper that I finish doing it before the time given and so I took ALL my things and left the hall, and then I text my father telling him that I left the hall before the times up.. but later, my father called me.. He said that,,, I should not leave the hall if we still got time.. huhu.. I ask my father why.. he said that because School day and university time is different. It is our own lecturer that marks our papers, so he was afraid that her daughter will be think negatively from the view of the lecturers, that was why, my father advice me at the first place..:)

Jum doakan semoga kita semua dapat yang TERBAIK!

::: this is only a rough description about my finals.. I will tell more [i love doing review ]  after I FINISH all the papers, insyaAllah.. well , Salam ..Wish us all the best..THANKS   ::::


Me MySelf said...

oh..xleh kuar awl eh..

Captain Hero said...

baba kata tak elok.. ye kate kalu boring..wt2 g tnds... tpi klu nk kuar lajjok kuar ah...


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