Tuesday, November 1, 2011

short note untuk diri.

"Do not count how many times people hurt and leave you,but count how many times you hurt Allah and He never ever leaves you.ALLAHUAKBAR~"
copied from my friend's status..

and i replied
   "  ‎1,2,3,4..5....100..1004.....2 many, i can't do th countng enymore .."

yeahhh,, sure as hell im lying.. i didnt do the counting at all knowing it were so uncountable..
i've been living in this world for already 19 years old. 5 months and 15 days. and ...counting..

and sometimes what i did, wasnt really in the right path..

i've hurts myself for hurting my own creator..
it didnt do any good to me.. it never does..

worst,,i've hurts so many people, so many..and i dont think i remembered saying any of my apology..

for Allah had said..

 mistake among humans, shall only be forgiven by humans themselves..

im so sorry..


aku HIV positif said...

apalah sgt ujian berbanding nikmat.
malu untuk mengeluh dgn sedikit ujian.

syukur alhamdulillah...

Anonymous said...

but then Allah swt never leave us...He always be there for us..so many time we hurt Him...Our bf will leave us if we cheated on him,our husband will leave us if we disobey him..but Allah swt,He will never leave us, although how far we astray...Subahanallah...

uhibbunur said...


DIA x pernah memungkiri, selalu berikan yang terbaik utk kita..

malu..dgn DIA

faghfirlana ya Rabb~~

Captain Hero said...