Friday, March 25, 2011

Challenge? A bet?

Last two Nights, I had been informed that our former lecturer [she used to teach us linguistic] challenged us  the Falcomers to update our statuses and posts ALL in English. I know that things could be so much challenging for us, especially me. I don’t know about the others, but I hope they are doing just fine.

I really need to upgrade my words, my vocabularies and all those things IF I am about to write in English. Proper English they said [aa, why if? its our job, she challenged us for our own good actually]. My English go worst and worsen for each day...its not that I am not learning in is because, when I tried to compare mine with my friends, I knew my level. Far, below them. Sometimes it made me feel frustrated.Maybe because, I learned, but I doesn’t use it.

So, I made a plan. This plan is for everyone. Be with the dictionary. My ustazah used to say this to me “ although “kamus”[dictionary] is a “rijjal”[guy] be with it]" ..i don’t know if you understand this joke or not [ yes , it is a joke] but that did made me laugh. He He..

My dictionary already be honest, using dictionary isn’t my habit. I am lazy, yea. I know..i am an idler yet that is one of our need. The dictionary itself. Well, maybe because I made use the online one...a lot. Hehehehe…
I quoted this from one of my friend's comment..he said : we should stop thinking about others and start thinking about ourselves . we are teslians , we study english , then we should speak english . I don't know when we can start practicing our speaking abilities if we always think about others' perspective .. :(  “

Let me start to relate with this..yeah. I do agree with the  statement because i am one of the person who always look upon others’ perspective, To talk in English, with the grammar, the new vocabs ,it is something like -the need to know about what other’s are thinking about us-...I dont want to..but when I am talking, I loves to see their respond, and if the responds were bad, I doesnt want to repeat it.but of course, I tend to do the same mistakes. [now, what nonsense I am writing about.]....[wernick's problem here.Sorry]

 if u guys realized this[of course U did!] , my posts were more like the school-kids’ posts...with the same lame vocabs...
Ya,, I want to practice speaking, I am about to be English’s teacher. What a teacher if the person her/himself dont have enough vocabularies..[come on, we are about to teach people right] the most important, communication skills.. I dont want to think about others’ perspective anymore[not really completly ignore them]..its hard sometimes to fulfill other’s need..

I know that my grammars is su**..[bad].. with limited words...I am still in the process of learning [even old people still in the process of learning]  lifelonglearning ^^

All the BESTto Me! and All!

 well, challenge? [accepted]

support me?


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