Friday, August 26, 2011

i was once..

my second Ramadhan . In UniSZA..

GB10 -waiting for isya'.

Yeah, for the thought of contributing something to my own course when i have nothing to give...
its not something that was big, it just .. the existence, the presence ...that made things changed.
yeah,,believe me, when you guys were there.. we smiled. bcoz. we were happy. 

and i am sorry for i dont have the picture of our previous iftaar together... but the memories remains peacefully inside my heart, and the flashing of the moments slide rapidly inside my mind..


the acronym that stand for Teaching English As Second Language.

 i was once ...detest the course

but now, be in the community where i know that i can put my trust on them, i know that the track that i am inside. is the right one. 

yes, i love my TESL-ians.. 

I don't know bout the other course, but TESL is really something.. i dont know how to describe it.. was it because of the members, was it because the TESL itself.. but being part of it ... is something that i will never want to forget...


311. BIRUNI.

how i wish 
i could stay there through all semesters.. how i wish..although i was once thought it would be a disaster.. to live in an old hostel..but then, the thought had changed.. 

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