Sunday, August 28, 2011


Haha.. this song was found by my friend NotyMasta.
so he posted it in our group..@facebook..[it was months ago]

here is the song..

really i wanna know what 'zuzu' means in i googled the translate version of the song..

Majoritatea timpului trecator,
Noi stam cu fata in fata la monitor
Trec zile dupa zile ,luni dupa luni
Si tot din ce in ce mai multe minuni
Se-ntampla lucruri care nici n-am visat
Aflam din timp ce inca nu s-a-ntamplat
Ne-amuza lumea in care noi nu traim
Dar ce se-ntampla dupa ce-aamm...
Nu stim ..
Iar afara ...
Pe o frunza ...isi intreaba ...
Buburuza ..buburuzu ..
De-o mai poate s-o amuze ..
El desigur iï raspunde :zuzu-zuzu...

Most of the leisure time
We spend it in front of the monitor

Days go by, months go by
And more and more miracles happen
Things happen that i haven't even dreamed of
We know early about things that haven't even happened
The world we live in seems funny
But what happens behind the window
We don't know...

And outside, on a leaf...
A ladybird asks her mate
If he can still make her laugh
And he replys of course: zuzu-zuzu.

by examining [it is right to use it here?] the lyric, i guess..there's no real meaning of the word....see it was the reply from the ladybird's mate....

but the lyric really make we laugh..[we laughed at LOT though.. my sister n my brother also were there]
yes, i am laughing at my own stupidity..

so just to let u know, the lyric really kinda reflects my personality..

read the lyric, and try to understand the meaning through it. It might also matched yours too...haha.. [

to be frank, it was a liltle bit sad actually.. after I realized that....
[i do had realized before this, but this is like a letter, a straight forward note to let me wake up]

so, whats next.. ?

its up to me..
to sit still in this chair..
or to get out from it..and socialize with the people around me..


Saya Sarah said...

zuzu zuzu...hehehehe..

Captain Hero said...

sarah sarah..hehe..:)

acik said...

eh silap tu..bukan sarah sarah, tapi 'oh sarah'..


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