Tuesday, May 15, 2012

kfc, saya suka.

"aniq, nak kfc ke burger ..? " [ my father, he is the only person in this world that called me by the name aniq..]

"haa? oh, era nak kfc.." [ thats me, never once respond by the name aniq]

"ok, tapi male kare baru boleh make, lepas isya' , baba nak g usrah."

"oh..okai, xpow. "

and so, i thought, he is the only one going, but the truth is, all of them, err, 
they left Solihin with me,
i cant go, for i have to babysit that boy.
he's not baby anymore! [by the means of physical,, he is still mentally a baby for us.]

so after maghrib.

"adik, tengok ah citer, jange kacau era, nak baca buku. [I left him to watch his favorite movie.. hantu dalam botol kicap, that is his fav for now]

it always him , i hardly get to on9 these days,, [ aslam , hid kakak's laptop which used by solihin before, my lappy become his target now]

it was 8.00 pm
the bed really is comfortable..
i almost fell asleep.

"adik.. era nak tidor kejap, adik jange tubik, kalu ade ore mari jange tubik, gerok era era taw."
[ i told him that]

my brother, he cant talk like the way we talk..
but we do understand him..-sometimes not. but we try and he try to deliver it too..
he put his hand at his forehead -nearly, making the style of a police- means that, he understood and will follow the order..haha.

i slept for about 1 hour and half, 
i woke up and saw him still watching the movie.

its not that hard to 'take care' that boy when we know his hobby..muhahaha.

so, its already isya' of coz,
so i went to toilet to take my wudhu'

but, suddenly,
blackout. im still inside that place,

i heard he cries,
its dark, and i can see nothing ..only the darkness.
id memorize my house structure.
i heard him near the kitchen.
so i went to him..

adik ,takut ko..?
adik kalu takut jange nangis.
sebut "lauhaulawala quwwata illa billah hil alliyil azim."

if my mom were there, she will be the one who said that.

i dont remember who taught me that but i guess, its really my mom..

when he calm down,
i ask him again,
adik takut ko..

my brother, he is the hardcore fan of ghost stories.. so, no wonder he got so frightening, still a kid btw...

but when i asked him,
he said - by sign..

he had accidentally pee in his trousers.

im angry,
i scold him, and ask him to go to toilet by himself.
of coz he cant go,
too scared to even walk.

so, i walk by him and i realized that, there's no point in getting angry to that boy,
it was an accident.

so, i just told him that,
adik, lain kali jange buat doh..
i hope he remember that.

for u guys information, that was my first time alone-[consider im alone, solihin cant really help me at that time..] when this kind of thing happen to me,, i dont want to call my father, it will just worries him..so we were in darkness for about 10 minutes.

i dont mind stay in darkness actually, but the heat was the problem, i cant stand it.

"adik, kito nk wt gp ni, ? era tok reti buko balik letrik, jetak sero ni.."

but so, i was wrong, when my head really cant think of anything, solihin, he help me to figure out something...

"alu..alu.. " [ its means along.. and he gesturing a person talking in phone]

"adik nak suh era tepon k.long ko..?"

i remember, my eldest sister , she didnt go there, she's @ my nenek's house

so, i called her and inform bout the tragedy..[tragedy..hua3..]

and she instruct me to do the things, and tell me that, if i cant do it alone, she will come here..

and i managed to do it!
easy peezeeyy,,
i thought it was harder..

so, then after both of us prayed,

"adik, jom tengok tv luar, tunggu mama n baba"

[its not really outside, it just dont feel like 'inside', i dont feel like im home when im there..]

"iyaahhhhhh" he got suddenly got so exited, i dont know why, maybe because i didnt continue my sleep..hehe..

so, we waited there, while watching tv,
the show doesnt attract my attention much,
then solihin ask me to play football with him,

we played until the car parked in,
and the door were opened,
and i heard

"sayang, itu kfc.." [ thats Ilham, all of sudden callin me sayang, what theee..haha]

im so sleepy

so, thats the story..of yesterday.

[ini cerita, ada diskip, ngantok.muahaha]


nur azami (",)) said...

era..ur entri in english...good job :)

nur azami (",)) said...

era..ur entri in english...good job :)

Captain Hero said...

tQ!, byk grmmr error theree..


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