Saturday, June 9, 2012

ho yeaahhhhh!

and hello people,
already check the room's number,
what room, what block,
i didnt expect to get the same block again..
it feels like..em, i dont know

ok whatever then.
here, i would like to share on the book that ive read during my holidayyy..


Hard To Get by Jessica Fox. one of the book ive bought like years ago, but i didnt read it that time, this story, two words, sex and scandal, a story about a divorce women, fall in love with someone else, a late 30 reaching 40 years old.. i dont like this book very much but there's some good part of it, emm.. like,, err, even u are old, someone still like u, so beware, wakakaka,, no.. what i means is, there's no time limit for love and u will never know when ur heart beat for it until u feel it. waaa..-

Forget About It by Caprice Crane . another book ive bought along with the hard to get, same publisher, little black dress, this time, the story quite funny,err not so funny but almost enough to give me a good laugh over it, em, it is about a girl who fake her amnesia becoz she wants to start the new life.. i wish for the other ending actually, but this is a good book to be read.

Belajar Dari Perang Uhud-strategi menghadapi kekalahan karya Hepi Andi Bastoni- a book that tell us the reason of our lost in the war, the book although already translated from the indonesia language to malay language, still make me a little bit confuse, only a little, maybe because some words used i dont think its in bahasa.. but the book is a must read one, lot of religious lessons are told inside it,  the writer doesnt only tell us the story about the war[why, how comeeee] but the wisdom, the lesson that came along it.. if u like to read another history book, then read that book.. full of motivation, and make me think a lot.

Salahudin Ayubi karya Abdul Latip Talib. the book i borrow from my brother, there's alot of book written by that author in this house, but thats the only book ive read by him so far.heheheh..this book, tell us about Salahudin,his early life, how then he become the sultan, khalifah, how he rule, the command he gave, the idea/strategy he used -most of them are  Rasulullah S.A.W's strategy ..and how he actually can conquer the jerusalem again,i like this book very much that when i read it, i hope that our prime minister also can be like him....inspiring, full of encouragement. do read it.

LIfe in rewind by Terry Murphy - another true story, this book was given to me years ago but i didnt read it, i did read it but i didnt finish it that i read it again this holiday- its about the mental illness that a boy get during his childhood, not knowing why, but he knew that something is totally wrong with him, the OCD- obsessive compulsive disorder , its about how he was trapped and cant move even one inch feared someone he loves will die because of him..and if he really need to move, talk, or even breath, he will need to do it again backwards and that with alot of control/counting.. a very sad story , can make u cry, i did cry.

Have A Little Faith by Mitch Albom- actually, this is not a book that i read during the holiday, but even before it, still i wanna share it cause this is one of my all time-favorite-author. hehe..this is another true story written by Mitch, lot of life lesson, this time, it is not about his teacher, but the jewish's rabbi. how he almost forgot the childhood moment,  how he left the religious life because he afraid of someone will look at him with fear in the eyes,,until he was given a job[more to be asked] to deliver the rabbi eulogy.he started to go back again to his old village looking for the answer.this is about how he lost his faith and got it back. very inspiring

only 5 books during the holiday, not many. but i think its okay than nothing. heheh.
safe journey, great life. be happy.

nota : saya nak praktikal bukak sem ni. risau giler ar, almaklum la takot salah ajar, kalau ikut pengalaman sendiri, memang saya sebenarnya lebih percaya cakap cikgu-cikgu kat sekolah, so kalau salah ajar, aduh beratnya rasa.. semoga baik2 belake.

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