Tuesday, June 12, 2012

ni sape?

it was during my first day in the workshop when i received a call,
i didnt pick up the phone for i put it in silent mode, so i didnt hear that.
during the recess time, thats when i realized i got one miscall from a number,
the number looks kinda familiar to me, but it doesnt ring the bell,
i thought it was my friend's number, when i asked Bi to check her phone's contacts,
the number isnt in her list.
so i give a call,
using the S-fone,
i didnt topup my maxis for almost 2 months already,
even the SOS finished already because i desperately need to use it like 2 weeks before the sems' start.

when i dial the number ,
it is a man who answer the phone,
whats funny was,
i didnt remember the voice,
so i talk to him with the Kuala Lumpur dialect/slang..err.. kononnya.
all the phone's contacts are lost along with the last phone.

when i asked who ,
he didnt answer that but instead said he is my 'old lover' from Pulai chondong, my school,
of cos no,
he insist himself saying the same thing over and over again,
then i said,
nevermind because i wanna go eat.
i'll investigate later on.haha

then he said 'komputer',
one word that reminds all things.

it is my cikgu, the MJ, our MrJali..

sangat rasa bersalah bila cikgu yang kol kita kan,
kita anak murid tak de nak kol pun..huhuhu

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