Friday, June 1, 2012

The Memory.

there will be a moment in our life,
when the heart and the mind are battling against the past.
the things that had already happened.

it wont be easy,
for everything that we didnt do, and for the thing that we already did.
there was a regret,
there is nothing that we could change.
the thing is,
its over and now we are living in the present.

for the fight that we do, and for the fight that we missed,
there's nothing we could do except to just forget about it,

people come and people go,
everyday ..
and we knew that, all of us, soon if not later will die too..

for the thing that we said, and for the thing we didnt..
it wont be easy, i know, it hurts, to just forget about it,
then we tend to change it,
creating the new memory,
but we do know,
that it wasnt true.
there's nothing as time machine..
no backspace,
no delete button.
the memories,
they exist,
in the deepest part of the brain.
we just want to forget about it
but we can't..

we hate what we remember and what we not.
the memory
it was the past,
and the future we are leading..
depends on our present.

to forget is hard,
there is thing that are much harder than it.
it is to forgive ourselves.

for the person, whom i truly miss,
either the living or the dead.
there's a time in my life, 
when i want to change whatever the mistakes,
but i knew, that i cant.
i dont want to forget.. neither you,
nor the memory itself.
but there are things that i regretted.
things that i did and things i did..not..
im sorry.

for the things we didnt say, we didnt fight, and we didnt do,
for the things we said, we had fight over, and for the things that we did..
its over now,

just forgive ourselves, will ya?


aku HIV positif said...

salam ziarah. :)

Anonymous said...

hehee....mencelah..fight for ur right!

Captain Hero said...

bro AHP : time kasih :D

miera AAA: yes :D , but sometimes, i just rather keep silent. [when thing seems like there'll be no end] ahh, not a good example ey.