Monday, January 23, 2012

dah lama..

Adel is killing me when she offered me the job.

i think, i did rejected the offer for I cant put my heart in it.
its okay for the first task coz I really admirer that person.really.
but the second times she asked me, i knew from the start that I cant do it.
I try to put all my heart, 100 percent.
I cant..

the times almost tuning to the end.
She's really busy, she reduce the job by giving some of it to classmate.
the guilty in you. the guilty..
I'll do it for her, then.
For this lovely Adel.

after 1hours and 11 minutes listening...
its the tape.. every seconds of it , its killing me,
not because of the things that I have to do with it.
but the things that I have to do about it.

it make me wonder..
am I going to be the person.
who desperately , totally want to forget all the memories from the start.
am I going to be the person
who even at the last breath of my life, appreciating all the moments...

I dont know..

seize the day,or die regretting the time you lost....

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